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Since the late 1980s, antibodies have been used as therapies to treat serious diseases, and demand is soaring to new heights today. However, developing such antibody drugs is by no means easy. The basic requirement is that the antibody binds to its target molecule in an optimal way. At the same time, an antibody drug must fulfil a series of additional criteria. For example, it should not trigger an immune response in the body, it should be efficient to produce using biotechnology, and it should remain stable over a long period of time.

Conventional antibody drug discovery is labor-intensive and slow. Pharmaceutical companies select drug candidates from only a small set of antibodies present in the natural immune system, and have limited information on which candidates are the most promising. In addition, identification and selection of drug targets remain an arduous process because the conventional methods of studying the immune system are not comprehensive.

As a leading contract research organization, Creative Bioarray has extensive experience in the development of optimized therapeutic antibodies. Our unique service portfolio allows us to guide you through your antibody drug discovery journey from target selection to clinical candidate. We work closely with our customers to integrate effective screening strategies, including ELISA, ligand-receptor binding assays, and cell-based assays to identify high-affinity antibodies, blocking antibodies for both protein interactions and biological functions, or agonistic antibodies.

In Vitro Functional Assays

In Vivo Efficacy, Exploratory PK & Toxicity Studies

Here at Creative Bioarray, we fully understand that each drug discovery campaign is unique. We provide comprehensive work packages with flexible approaches and optimized workflows to deliver bespoke solutions that work for you.

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