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The detection and identification of drug metabolites obtained from both in vitro and in vivo studies in preclinical species is an important part of the discovery process. Ultimately, these studies will lead to a comprehensive description of the metabolism of successful compounds in humans.

As a drug discovery program progresses, it becomes more important to know the types of biotransformation and the information on the metabolic site(s) that the lead compounds are subject to, so that structures can be optimized to improve factors such as bioavailability and pharmacokinetics. In addition, some insight into the species specificity of metabolism may be obtained, providing a basis for the selection of preclinical toxicology species. Then, as compounds move from discovery to development, the need for even more detailed and precise metabolite data becomes increasingly important, both to understand the characteristics of the candidate drug in humans and to fulfill the regulatory requirements that will underpin a successful drug registration.

Creative Bioarray has deep expertise in the profiling, identification and structural characterization of metabolites in vitro and in vivo. We use advanced technology and software for accurate, reliable metabolite identification and structural characterization. In addition, synthetic chemistry services are available to undertake synthesis of metabolites, reference standards, and internal standards to aid in method development and metabolite identification.

Metabolite Characterization Capabilities

  • Small molecule test articles
  • Customized, structure-based study designs
  • In vitro test systems including hepatocytes, S9, microsomes, recombinant enzymes, whole blood, plasma, and customized in vitro test systems
  • Select chemical synthetic or biocatalytic approaches to synthesis
  • Varying reaction conditions to optimize the abundance and yield of metabolite
  • Small-scale reaction and comparison of metabolite and LC/MS/MS profile to original metabolite of biological organ
  • Scale-up reaction and metabolite purification
  • Data reviewed by experienced scientists

Technical Capabilities

  • LC-MS and LC-MS/MS
  • GC-MS and ion trap MS
  • Radiometric profiling
  • TOF, MALDI-TOF, and LTQ Orbitrap
  • Ion mobility spectrometry (IMS)
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy

Our compound-driven high-resolution mass spectrometry metabolite identification services provide a wide range of key information about the metabolism of your compound in as little as 2 weeks. We routinely provide analyte-specific method development services for customized studies tailored to meet your needs, but can also employ your existing in-house analytical parameters. All the services are available as part of a complete ADME package or as a stand-alone study.

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