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Medicinal chemistry is a specialized science that has evolved to encompass a wide range of disciplines related to the identification, synthesis and development of compounds for therapeutic use. It needs a wealth of expertise, developed through years of training, dedication and learning from best practices in order to produce drugs that are good enough to enter clinical trials in patients.

At Creative Bioarray, all of our medicinal chemistry leaders have more than 10 years of experience with supporting drug discovery projects. With substantial expertise from previous work in the pharmaceutical industry, our medicinal chemistry team provides the best in value and the most cost-effective services. We know how important it is to deliver accurate results on time and on budget, and this is what we strive towards.

With the support of client needs, we conduct hit-to-lead and lead optimization. We integrate medicinal chemistry into larger projects focused on drug discovery and development, including computational chemistry, high-throughput screening and in vitro assay development, in vivo pharmacology, ADME/PK analysis, and regulatory support.

Our collaborative medicinal chemistry services include:

  • Providing expert opinion for biomedical researchers seeking guidance in medicinal chemistry
  • Synthesis of bioactive small molecules
  • Development of lead and probe molecules for target identification
  • Hit-to-lead optimization to improve the properties of drug candidates
  • Construction of small molecules library
  • Large-scale preparative synthesis to support animal model studies
  • Chemoinformatic analysis and rational drug design

The advantages of using Creative Bioarray for your medicinal chemistry needs include:

  • Experienced team for the synthesis and medicinal chemistry aspects of drug discovery
  • Proven track record of providing DMPK support in addition to medicinal services
  • Additional support of in vitro, in vivo and toxicology on demand to support medicinal chemistry services
  • Capability of performing complex chemistry across a varied spectrum
  • Incorporation of new techniques to handle complex chemistry

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