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The skin protects the body from external insults to maintain internal homeostasis. It is directly involved in electrolyte, thermal, hormonal and immune regulation. Skin may not only repel harmful substances, but respond to them through various defensive mechanisms to prevent internal or wide spread cutaneous damage. Acute or chronic injuries become readily manifest if the insult is severe or intense enough to exceed the protective function of the skin. The specific presentation depends on a variety of internal and external factors, including body site, duration of exposure, and other environmental conditions.

Dermal toxicity is the ability of a substance to cause local reaction and/or systemic poisoning in people or animals by contact with the skin. A sound understanding of the relationship between dermal exposure and systemic exposure is important to evaluate the possible effects of pharmaceuticals on people exposed to the dermis.

Creative Bioarray offers a robust and efficient dermal toxicology program. Our team has unique and extensive expertise at all phases of the drug development process for preclinical dermatology studies on small and large molecules, irritants, carcinogens and dermal devices.

Dermal Toxicology Services

  • Intact or abraded skin irritation
  • Acute perivascular irritation
  • DTH and hypersensitization
  • Phototoxicity and ultraviolet light toxicity
  • Acute dermal toxicity
  • Acute single or multiple dose dermal toxicity
  • Two-week dermal toxicity
  • Four-week dermal toxicity (with or without recovery period)
  • Three-, six-, or 12-month dermal toxicity (with or without recovery period)
  • Two-year oncogenicity dermal studies
  • Specialized dermal toxicity
  • Local tolerance

Alternative Species

  • Mouse
  • Rat
  • Rabbit
  • Minipig
  • Pig

Specialized toxicology services to meet your development needs for specific bioanalytical/TK research or safety studies are also available. With multiple qualified toxicologists, Creative Bioarray can support all stages of the drug development process in accordance with current GLP guidelines.

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