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Ion channels continue to be an important therapeutic target for a range of indications such as hypertension, arrhythmia, pain, stroke, epilepsy, depression, diabetes, local anesthesia, bipolar disorder, COPD, and autoimmune disorders. Ion channels are not only important drug targets, but also play an important role in drug safety evaluation. Many drugs withdrawn from the market due to cardiac-related side effects have been shown to block the human ether-a-go-go (hERG) ion channel, delaying repolarization of the cardiac action potential and possibly leading to a potentially fatal arrhythmia.

The success of any ion channel research program involves complex decisions that require specific expertise to address the complexities of these difficult biological targets. At Creative Bioarray, we have a team dedicated to helping you identify these choices, and we can work with you from determining the right detection format (binding and/or functional) and platform up to the data interpretation. From single-cell manual patch clamp (the gold standard) to high-throughput 384-well automated electrophysiological instruments, we have the capabilities to utilize platforms and strategies to deliver the throughput, results, and depth of analysis to meet your needs.

Ion Channel Screening

Types of DiseasesAvailable Target PanelsScreening Capabilities
Ion channelCardiac safety
CancerCav3.3Cav1.2Radioligand binding assay
CardiacHCN2hERGIon flux assay
CardiovascularKv1.2HCN4Fluorescence-based assay
GenitourinaryKv1.3KCNQ1/KCNE1Automated electrophysiology
Metabolic/GastrointestinalKv2.1Kir2.1Manual electrophysiology
Neurodegeneration/StrokeKv3.1Kir3.1/Kir3/4Cardiac safety and function assays
Psychiatric disorderKv4.2Kv1.5




Key Features of Our Ion Channel Screening Services:

  • High-quality, well-characterized cell lines
  • Broad range of platforms, for different throughputs
  • Quick turnaround times of 1-3 weeks depending on project types
  • Gold standard manual patch clamp assays for detailed characterization
  • Electrophysiology avoids potential missed detection related to other methods
  • Assays are designed to work in up to 0.5% DMSO to minimize vehicle response and maximize result consistency
  • Cell-based functional assays for more than 100 ion channels, including voltage-gated channels and ligand-gated channels

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