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For many targets in drug discovery, identifying a small molecule 'hit' as the starting point for the hit-to-lead process is a critical early step. Over the years, different technology-based strategies have been developed in an attempt to enhance the rate and efficiency of this important phase of the drug discovery process known as hit identification.

Hit identification is the most critical step to identify compounds that can interact with the fully validated targets. There are different strategies available to identify good hits, devoted to maximizing the number of initial hits and hit series. At the same time, the strategy must ensure it reduces the number of potential false positives, thereby reducing the risk of identifying a series of compounds that are suboptimal for development, and spending resources on the wrong compounds.

Our professional team has decades of experience in hit identification, utilizing all modern techniques including both the chemistry and the biology necessary for the identification and refinement of high-quality hit series. A unique project team supports the design and implementation of strategies specific to your projects and your targets. Different methods can be developed and run sequentially or in parallel, for optimal impact. The identified hit series run through a series of specifically designed assays and filters to ensure that only the most promising series enter the hit-to-lead phase.

Our Approach

To successfully identify high-quality hit series, Creative Bioarray applies a range of well-established hit finding methods expertly tailored to your target of interest. These different methods can be applied in parallel or individually, depending on the nature of your project.

  • Biochemical screening measuring a specific activity
  • Cell assays using primary cells and cell lines
  • Small model organism screening using high-content imaging
  • Fragment screening by surface plasmon resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance
  • Site-directed disulfide trapping

Our Expertise

Our team can support your hit identification efforts through strategy design, assay development, and screening activities.

  • Strategy design and implementation to maximize your chances of success
  • Assay development based on the specific characteristics of your targets and on the disease of interest
  • Robust and effective screening strategies
  • Knowledge-based design for suitable drug targets
  • Automate the screening process to reduce human error, improve efficiency and maintain cost-effectiveness
  • Sufficient medicinal chemistry ability to evaluate promising hit series and assess their potential

The unique combination of our team's industrial expertise, scientific enthusiasm and desire for continuous innovation ensures that our hit identification efforts yield high-quality, attractive compounds with the highest likelihood of success during subsequent discovery and development.

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