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In vitro screening and high-throughput screening are critical aspects of modern drug discovery processes. Prior to the advent of these technologies, screening for biologically active candidate compounds is a major bottleneck in the identification of novel therapeutics. The proper combination of in vitro assays can provide critical information to deliver better prediction of transition to in vivo studies. Creative Bioarray’s in vitro screening services offer customized in vitro assay testing from target discovery to expression to provide insights into translation in vivo and ultimately the clinic.

Our cell biology experts have created a highly reproducible archived cell bank of more than 200 cancer cell lines. For each cell line, we have validated animal xenograft models for later stage in vivo pharmacological studies, thus significantly reducing the time required from cell-based assays to in vivo pharmacology.


Key Features

  • Broad selection of binding, enzymatic, or cell-based functional assays to match your project requirements
  • Access to major targets including exclusive targets, for cross-target liability profiling
  • High quality data with strict quality controls
  • Reliable and quick turnaround times
  • Flexible custom services to meet your needs

Our global in vitro testing and screening scientists, with expertise in a variety of therapeutic areas, target types, assay formats, and instrument and automation platforms, are dedicated to helping you identify and develop the most promising compounds. Specializing in both standard and custom in vitro assays, we offer our clients cost-effective, high-quality, reproducible data, and flexible solutions with fast turnaround times. We look forward to helping advance your next project.

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