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Cell therapy repairs or replaces damaged cells or tissues and involves injecting intact, living cells into a patient. These are either derived from the patient (autologous cell therapy) or from a donor (allogeneic cell therapy). Cell therapy is an emerging therapeutic option that can be used to treat, diagnose or prevent diseases. Recent advances in cell characterization, isolation and ex vivo manipulation, as well as a deeper understanding of cell biology, are enabling biotechnology companies to develop cell-based products with the potential to cure a variety of diseases and injuries.

Creative Bioarray supports biopharmaceutical companies and other research institutions at every stage of the drug development and cell therapy lifecycles. We provide comprehensive services to support preclinical research as well as collection and processing of autologous and allogeneic raw materials for clinical trials and licensed product manufacturing. As a full-solution provider, we will stand by you, providing flexible and pioneering tools to simplify your workflow. From CAR-T cells to pluripotent stem cells, let us help you bring your therapy to patients who need it!

Cell Expansion and Characterization

As cell therapy continue to diversify in cell types used, effective and consistent characterization of their unique functional characteristics is the key. Creative Bioarray provides sensitive and specific assays that save your precious samples, with the flexibility to determine efficacy, potency and safety throughout your manufacturing process.

  • Cell differentiation tracking
  • Toxicity screening
  • T cell characterization

Contaminant Screening

Undetected process-related impurities originating from cell line, reagents used for cell culture/maintenance, or during downstream processing can lead to decreased product efficacy, quality problems, and poor immune responses in patients. Creative Bioarray can help you accurately identify and differentiate between potential sources of bioprocess contaminants to confirm the quality and stability of your treatment.

  • Residual bead detection
  • Process-related impurity detection

Response Profiling

Sensitivity, accuracy and speed are the key factors for successfully monitoring the safety and efficacy of cell and gene therapy after treatment. Creative Bioarray provides simple yet sophisticated solutions for biomarker and cell type profiling and characterization that minimize the sample volume required for analysis.

  • Immune cell composition
  • Cytokine release syndrome
  • Post-treatment tumor biopsies

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