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We exist for the discovery. At Creative Bioarray, our team of scientists is always working at the forefront of discovery, medicinal and process research chemistry. Whether it is the initial discovery of a bioactive compound, or achieving a new, scalable route to develop drug candidates, we know that what we do matters. We're proud to lead the way.

Our chemistry platform is designed and developed to address the challenges of modern and complex drug discovery projects, including synthetic, medicinal, process and analytical chemistry. At Creative Bioarray, the projects we undertake may vary considerably in terms of scope and deliverables. These projects range from a short-term "proof-of-concept" research for a new start-up business involving a single scientist, right through to a multi-scientist, multi-year drug discovery and development collaboration with a leading pharmaceutical or biotechnology company. When you're our client, our goal is to fully leverage our expertise and to add significant value to your project. We are proud of our consistent excellence in our research to help you achieve your milestones and business objectives on time and to budget.

Discovery Chemistry at a Glance:

  • Proficient in various synthetic chemistries, such as heterocyclic, asymmetric, microwave, enzymatic, multi-step synthesis, carbohydrate, nucleotide & nucleoside.
  • Experienced in structure-based drug design in multiple therapeutic fields. Our medicinal chemistry team designs and synthesizes compounds, which are most appropriate for further optimization.
  • Analytical chemistry is an integrated part of all projects and can also be provided singularly on demand.
  • Actively involved with multiple integrated projects, computational chemistry team drives design efforts, and cooperates with medicinal chemistry, biology and DMPK teams.

For a more in-depth overview of our specific chemistry services, please click below on the area of interest.

Flexible Delivery Models for Chemistry Services

  • Flexible delivery models enable clients to work closely with our discovery chemistry teams.
  • Depending on requirements, clients can choose a full-time-equivalent or a fee-for-service pricing model for synthetic chemistry services.
  • Clients can access our medicinal chemistry services with an emphasis on chemistry capabilities, such as iterative synthesis. Alternatively, we also provide comprehensive services including drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) and biological support.

We look forward to moving forward your project!

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