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Medical devices are very important since they have a direct impact on human lives. Any additives, solvents, or disinfectants in the manufacturing process of a medical device or even the device's material can cause varying degrees of potential safety concerns when applied to the human body. It could lead to partial or systemic cytotoxicity, system toxicity and allergic reactions, etc. In order to deliver safe and effective healthcare services to the patients, medical device manufacturers must follow testing as well as verification and validation practices that ensure quality and reliability of medical devices.

Creative Bioarray has proven experience in the preclinical evaluation of the efficacy and safety of medical devices, allowing us to design studies that meet regulatory requirements and focus closely on the specific needs of your products. Whether your needs are biocompatibility testing or microbiological testing in development, production and finished product testing, we will support you with personalized testing strategies and study designs to fulfill your needs.

We have a team of subject matter experts in the field of medical device testing. Our testing team has accumulated years of experience in biological safety assessment, biocompatibility testing strategy and evaluation of toxicological results.

Our medical device testing involves the following categories of testing:

Creative Bioarray provides various tests for medical devices, including surgical and treatment devices, in vitro diagnostic devices, general medical device and supplies. For more information, please contact us.

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