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Preclinical and clinical research are two major components of the drug development process. One of the most important considerations in preclinical research is the use of animal models to study efficacy, mechanism of action, and establish the pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) relationships. Together with toxicology studies, these efficacy-related studies are essential for any new drug candidate to advance to clinical development and eventually enter the market.

Creative Bioarray has established a wide range of working animal models to support multiple therapeutic/disease areas. Our highly experienced team will guide you through in vivo testing by recommending the most appropriate animal models, conducting studies with well-established protocols, and generating reports customized based on your needs. Our pharmacology models cover different therapeutic areas including central nervous system (CNS), oncology, respiratory, and cardiovascular.

As a flexible and reactive organization, we meet your specific project needs. We can provide you with support from the delivery of a stand-alone study, to planning, designing and executing a customized in vivo study in the most appropriate models. All the animal experiments at Creative Bioarray are conducted in accordance with protocols approved by IAEC. All animal-related experimental procedures are carried out in state-of-the-art facilities at the highest standards of animal welfare. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and applications.

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