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Hair is a biological fiber composed mainly of dead keratinocytes that play a variety of important roles in mammals, including but not limited to insulation, tactile and sensory functions. Of particular interest to humans are the profound influence it has on the perception and portrayal of a person. Hair, to a large extent, is an extension of identity. It provides vitality and confidence to portray one's "style" to others.

Considering the important role played by hair in social communication, hair loss (alopecia) or premature hair graying has a significant adverse effect on the appearance, self-esteem, and socio-cultural acceptance of affected individuals. It is often viewed as a sign of aging, loss of health and vigor. Affected individuals are often subjected to social stigma, discrimination, and difficulties in marriage.

Creative Bioarray has the following in vitro or ex vivo models for your disposal:

  • Human follicle dermal papilla fibroblasts (HFDPC)
  • Human hair follicle (ex vivo)

On which we can evaluate the effects of active compounds on alopecia, hair growth and canities by measuring:

  • Hair growth stimulation (hair regeneration)
  • Hair growth inhibition (anti-hair growth)
  • The increase in cell viability in culture (anti-apoptosis, anti-hair loss)
  • The increase of the hair shaft diameter
  • 5-alpha reductase activity (androgen metabolism)
  • Hair bulb/hair shaft pigmentation
  • The expression of specific marker (Ki67, TGK, fibronectin, β-catenin, cytokines, etc.)

We are very happy to provide you with consultation services regarding hair growth, alopecia and canities performance testing and other efficacy testing services that you are interested in.

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