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Syngeneic models, also known as allograft models, are established by transplanting syngeneic cell lines or tumor tissues into mouse hosts with the same genetic background and functional immune system. Because they retain intact immune system, these models allow researchers to study the interactions between different tumors and the immune system, as well as the effects of immunotherapies on tumor and surrounding immune cells. Researchers can monitor tissue changes, such as growth or shrinkage, metastasis, and survival rate, without being rejected by the host's immune system. Therapeutic interventions can be performed and the results are evaluated to understand the treatment potentials.

There are many advantages to using syngeneic models. First, they are easy to set up and very cost-effective. Moreover, they are typically used for preclinical proof-of-concept studies, allowing researchers to study the efficacy, mechanism of action, and the pharmacodynamics of an agent. Syngeneic models can also be benchmarked against those checkpoint inhibitors already used in the clinic, so researchers can see how well their agents are working compared to those benchmark agents.

Creative Bioarray has one of the most extensive collections of syngeneic tumor models in the industry, and we specialize in orthotopic implantation. Our models are well-characterized and benchmarked against the most common immune-checkpoint inhibitors and other immunomodulators, as well as combination therapies.

Syngeneic Models Available at Creative Bioarray

Tumor TypeCell Line
BladderMB49, MB49-luc2, MBT-2
Breast4T1, 4T1-luc2, EMT-6, HC11-NeuT
ColonCT-26, MC-38
Kidney cancerRenca
LeukemiaC1498, L1210, P338
LiverH22, Hepa1-6
LungLL2, LL2-luc, LL2-Red-FLuc, KLN205
LymphomaA20, EL4
MelanomaB16F0, B16F10, B16F10-luc, B16F10-Red-FLuc
MyelomaJ558, MPC-11
PancreasPan-02, UN-KC-6141

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