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The different regulations of cosmetics and the increase in consumer awareness have prompted researchers to investigate the effects of the chemicals content and the active ingredients on human health in more depth.

Creative Bioarray is an industry leader in bioanalysis services for the cosmetics industry. More than half of our scientific staff have Doctor/Master degrees and boast 10+ years of experience in cell-based assays. Our team brings the highly specialized assay expertise, veteran insights, and innovative technology needed to accelerate the success of your cosmetic trials.

Our work model is based on four key pillars:

  • Design tailor-made protocols and trials
  • Provide personalized service through fluent communication with our clients
  • Maximize quality in our work chain
  • Response quickly both in executing and sending reports

With our strong expertise in numerous in vitro and ex vivo models and in skin physiology, our goal is to bring value to your cosmetics.


At Creative Bioarray, we are at the service of manufacturers, committed to the safety and efficacy of their products. We offer studies on the following skin care themes:

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