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Gene therapy is a technique in which a functioning gene is inserted into a human cell to correct a genetic error or to introduce a new function to the cell. Genetic material is administered to modify or manipulate the expression of a gene product, either RNA or protein, or to alter the biological characteristics of living cells for therapeutic use. The genetic material can be delivered directly as DNA or DNA complexes (non-viral methods), or packaged within viral vectors (recombinant viruses) to efficiently taken up by appropriate cells. Gene therapy has had a profound impact on patients’ lives, and may impact many more, especially those with rare genetic diseases.

Gene therapy has the potential to provide long-term therapeutic efficacy, but their development is both risky and cost-intensive. A better understanding of the specific structural properties of vector proteins that influence clinical delivery and outcomes is critical to advancing both individual candidates and the platforms on which they are based. Strategic application of advanced analytical techniques can help improve the selection of candidates and guide development decisions, leading to more safer and more efficacious gene therapies successfully completing development and entering the market. Creative Bioarray is here to help you get safe and effective treatments for those who need them. From development to manufacturing and QC, our platform provides automation and scalability for rapid and accurate characterization with low-volume sample analysis to help preserve your precious samples. Whether you’re developing viral vector-based therapy, such as adeno-associated virus (AAV) or lentivirus (lenti) product, or applying gene editing technologies such as CRISPR/cas9, you’ll benefit from the deep knowledge and experience of our expert team.

Cell Expansion and Virus Production

Single-use, scalable cell culture options support suspension and adherent cell lines, cell expansion, virus transfection and virus production. All production systems are designed to maintain a sterile closed environment and are automated to ensure consistent operation and product quality.

  • Adherent cells
  • Suspension cells
  • Clarification of harvested vectors

Vector Purification and Characterization

Our analytical platform provides you with the automation and scalability required to develop and manufacture gene therapy vectors. The platform methods can be seamlessly transferred across labs and project phases, giving you consistent vector characterization results from start to finish.

  • Process-related impurities
  • Vector aggregation formation & capsid content
  • Vector physical titer

Transfection Potency

Creative Bioarray simplifies and automate the assessment of gene transfer efficiency and protein expression in your gene therapy workflow with low sample volumes and cell numbers.

  • mRNA, RNAi analysis
  • Phenotypic characterization
  • Validation of protein levels

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