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In addition to pharmacological effects, ADME, namely, absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination, are also key drug properties for clinical success. Prior to actual administration, some relatively rapid and cost-effective in vitro assays can serve as surrogates and indicators for the fate of ADME in vivo. In vitro cell-based experimental system combined with in vivo animal system are the best approach to evaluate these important drug-like characteristics before clinical trials. Early access to in vitro ADME data has many advantages in drug discovery process. For example, the results of an early-developed ADME study provide valuable indicators as to whether a compound will have good bioavailability, helping to avoid costly clinical stage failures when drug candidates do not meet ADME characteristics or show early signs of being toxic.

Creative Bioarray offers comprehensive in vitro ADME services for drug discovery organizations. Many of our in vitro ADME assays come in a variety of formats to suit different stages of the drug discovery pipeline, enabling us to provide a flexible approach to our ADME services. While Creative Bioarray has standard procedures for each of these assays listed below, our experienced research team can also help design the best strategies and protocols customized to meet any drug discovery needs.

In Vitro ADME Services at Creative Bioarray

Our highly trained and experienced science team provides clients with extensive and in-depth expertise on appropriate study design, study execution, and data interpretation. We also offer a wide range of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic capabilities for new chemical entities and compounds in development. The synergy within our group gives you a head start for competitive timeline and efficient advice. Get a quote for in vitro ADME services by specifying your details right away! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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