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Quantitative data on the bioavailability of compounds applied to the skin is of increasing interest. This does not hold only for the pharmaceutical, but also for the cosmetic industry. In addition to efficacy studies, the rate and extent of dermal and transdermal absorption are also closely related to the safety evaluation of various xenobiotics, such as sun blocker and pesticides.

The use of animal models has for a long period of time been the main method in the preclinical development of the new drugs and in optimization of drug formulations for skin administration. Due to the regulatory changes regarding animal testing in the field of cosmetics, the in vitro models are receiving more attention as important tools for permeation, penetration and skin irritation studies. Human skin equivalents are increasingly used as an addition, or more commonly, alternative to the widespread use of animals. Moreover, in vitro experiments also have certain advantages over in vivo studies:

  • conditions can be controlled more easily
  • generally easier to perform
  • radio-labelled or highly toxic chemicals can be investigated
  • a large number of experiments can be carried out at the same time
  • single parameters, such as the release of drugs from different vehicles, the effects of temperature, moisture, and pre-treatment, can be studied more readily
  • the amount of penetrating substance can be measured directly in the skin or in an acceptor medium beneath the skin without dilution in tissue fluids or organs

In vitro experiments need to be performed very precisely, requiring a combination of expert scientific skills, superior technical knowledge and attention-to-detail. Leveraging our extensive scientific experience and regulatory expertise, Creative Bioarray provides in vitro skin absorption studies in accordance with OECD 428. Our scientists will work with you to create a customized procedure using human or rat skin, whether it is a finished product or a cosmetic ingredient. If you are interested in having a presentation or to receive a quotation, please contact us.

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