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Small molecules are substances that can enter cells easily because of their low molecular weight. These are used as drugs for therapeutic purposes and include chemically synthesized drug molecules as well as all the biologically synthesized drug molecules.

The discovery of small molecule drugs, from target selection through to clinical evaluation, is a very complex, challenging but rewarding area of drug discovery. There are many obstacles along the journey from initial hit-finding activities, through optimization of the compounds and eventually to delivery of robust drug candidates for clinical evaluation.

An integrated partnership approach to early phase discovery is essential to the swift and efficient progress of your molecule. Our professional multidisciplinary team, including talented medicinal, synthetic and computational chemists, biologists, pharmacologists, process development and formulation scientists, offer a unified strategy to advance customer programs through key decision-making milestones. Speed, scientific rigor, flexibility and data integrity are the key differences of Creative Bioarray.

Creative Bioarray provides integrated discovery solutions for small molecules. Led by senior scientific leadership with global discovery experience and backed by multidisciplinary chemists and biologists, we have a proven track record of transitioning discovery programs into clinical practice. Balancing productivity with innovation, and working closely with customers, we quickly and efficiently generate preclinical candidates for successful IND filing.

Learn more about Creative Bioarray’s approach to the various stages of integrated drug discovery here.

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