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Biomarkers can be used for clinical screening, diagnosis or monitoring the activity of diseases, guiding molecular targeted therapy or evaluating therapeutic response. In the biopharmaceutical industry, biomarkers define the molecular classification of patients and diseases and serve as surrogate endpoints in early-phase drug trials. The utility and importance of biomarkers have been recognized by a large amount of public and private funding, and biomarker discovery efforts are now common in both academic and industrial settings.

Drug development programs carried out by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are very complex and costly. Biomarkers are particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a drug, and they could also benefit the cost reduction of drug development by providing early proof-of-concept studies for novel therapeutic targets, thus reducing costly drug attrition rates. There are a wide range of types of biomarkers that can be monitored, such as predictive, pharmacodynamic, safety, and efficacy markers.

Creative Bioarray provides a wide range of services to support your discovery of biomarkers. Whether you are engaged in basic research on model organisms or conducting preclinical studies, you can count on our in-depth experience and expertise to make your project a success. In addition to qPCR, microarray and next generation sequencing solutions, Creative Bioarray offers professional assay and array design tailored to your specifications.

Our biomarker discovery services are supported by our state-of-the-art laboratory technology, which is ideal for discovering, developing and delivering biomarkers. We also have a team of highly qualified and experienced scientists, bioinformaticians, and biostatisticians with a wealth of knowledge and experience in high tech molecular and cell biology technologies including NGS and multiplex qPCR, drug discovery and development and diagnostic product development.

We recognize that each study is unique and has its own challenges. Our team will work with clients throughout the project to provide a comprehensive tailored service, from the initial study design and planning to the interpretation of the results, and seamlessly integrate as part of your extended team.


  • Target discovery & validation
  • Elucidating pathological pathways
  • Screening drug candidates
  • Selection of lead drug candidate

Types of Biomarkers

  • Genomic biomarkers
  • Cellular biomarkers
  • Proteomic biomarkers


Identify, qualify, and validate biomarkers through our integrated biomarker testing services using:

  • Well-characterized in vivo, ex vivo, and in vitro models as reliable, clinically relevant test systems for functional and efficacy evaluation
  • A comprehensive menu of validated genomic and proteomic assays to understand drug MoA
  • Extensive datasets collected over decades of study covering thousands of models, including growth curves, sequencing data, and pharmacological data
  • Proprietary bioinformatics solutions using in-house and public datasets enabling systematic analysis of genomics and proteomics
  • In-house expert team to guide experimental design, high-complexity analysis, and result interpretation

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