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At Creative Bioarray, we provide solutions involving a diverse set of synthetic chemistry challenges, while being able to make a difference using our experience in medicinal chemistry and diverse research background. Our scientists are able to tackle complex problems in all areas of drug discovery. In addition, our scientists are proficient in all aspects of modern synthetic chemistry, including traditional heterocyclic chemistry, library synthesis, phosphoramidite chemistry, photo-redox reactions, etc.

We are experienced in the synthesis of NCEs at various scales, from milligram for a simple primary screening for biochemical, cellular and ADME assays, to the gram scale for efficacy and toxicology studies. You can access our synthetic chemistry services either as part of a comprehensive medicinal chemistry project, or as a stand-alone service to make a specific biologically active compound or fine chemical required by your project.

Key Service Areas

We support and drive projects in these areas for a variety of clients, including world-leading academic institutions, virtual start-ups, world-renowned organizations and international research institutions.

  • Design and synthesis of focused libraries
  • Synthesis of reference compounds and impurity markers
  • Support the design and synthesis of hit-to-lead chemistry
  • Lead optimization and preclinical candidate selection
  • Non-GMP scale-up to support toxicity and in vivo efficacy studies
  • Preparation of building blocks
  • Preparation of key intermediates
  • Chiral separation
  • Method development

Tailored Synthetic Chemistry

Creative Bioarray specializes in providing clients with flexible and cost-effective solutions to meet their custom synthesis requirements. With deep knowledge, experience and infrastructure, our team has extensive synthetic and analytical chemical capabilities in providing a competitive edge to your custom synthesis needs.

  • Heterocyclic chemistry
  • Asymmetric synthesis
  • Microwave-assisted synthesis
  • Flow chemistry
  • Photochemistry (UV & Blue-light LED)
  • Nucleosides & nucleotides modification
  • Amino-acids and peptidomimetics
  • Small molecule – DNA conjugate
  • Solid-supported (resin) chemistry
  • Hydrogenation (H-Cube, Parr)
  • Focused libraries
  • PROTAC chemistry
  • Pro-drug synthesis
  • Biological-probe synthesis

Advantages of Selecting Our Chemists to Work on Your NCEs

  • Services with efficient and excellent quality
  • Track record of developing complex and multi-step synthetic processes
  • Well trained and skilled scientists with diversified experience
  • Flexible business models

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