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Identifying potential toxicity in the early stages of drug discovery can save both time and developmental costs, and most importantly reduce the likelihood of late stage failure. Before using animal models, in vitro processes are useful for determining specific impacts on cells and tissues. In vitro toxicity analysis involves applying new substances to mammalian cells that have been cultured in either monolayer 2D or biomimetic 3D structures, and monitoring their subsequent biochemical and phenotypic responses to identify cells that represent toxic outcomes.

Creative Bioarray specializes in predictive, 3D tissue and cell-based in vitro toxicity assays using primary cells from many different tissues and organs. We know how keeping control of time and costs is valuable to our clients. Our experienced scientists will work closely with you to provide guidance on the best strategy to follow and which assays should be prioritized at different phases of the discovery process to maximize your chances of success.

Our Services Include But Are Not Limited To:

Key Features of Our In Vitro Toxicology Services

  • We provide expert guidance and solutions to problems. Our scientists don’t just deliver data, but also provide expertise to interpret the data generated.
  • We have an established network of toxicology consultants and experts in the area who offer additional support for the most challenging projects.
  • We offer complete transparency. Throughout the project, our clients have access to our data at any time to facilitate discussions and decision-making.

Creative Bioarray is an ideal partner to help you understand the toxicity of your compounds using a different set of techniques. We can help identify which compounds have the optimal safety profile to advance into the clinic. Our focus on state-of-the-art technology and automation allows for high-quality data to be generated quickly and cost-effectively.

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